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We respect your privacy. This is why you are free to read what information is collected by and how it may be used.


  • "" – called here also "The Best UX Site in the Multiverse", the site with domain: "".
  • "I" – Przemyslaw Baraniak, called here also Thalion (easier to remember) or the Father of The
  • "You" – you, called here also "Brave One" or the person for whom I am creating all this stuff.
  • "Subscriber" – also called "The Chosen One", the subscriber newsletter, and also a person that downloaded a resource from my Gumroad profile.
  • "Newsletter" – also called "Source of Truth".

What information is being collected?

The Best UX Site in the Multiverse saves in your browser cookies. They enhance the way the site works. The Best UX Site in the Multiverse gathers the following data for analytical purposes: IP address, browser type, and operating system. Data is gathered, but we do not judge you – We do not care if you use Windows, macOS, or Linux with Lynx browser.

Brave One, when you sign up to The Best UX Site's in the Multiverse Source of Truth, or you write a message through the contact form, you may enter your first name and email address. Thanks to this precious data, I am able to contact you and let you know about interesting stuff – news, tutorials, discounts, UX resources etc.

When you purchase one of our design products on Gumroad, We will be able to see your first name, last name, and email address.

Who is collecting it?

All data are available only to Father of the Thalion and third-party providers (listed below).

How is it collected?

When Brave One signs up for the newsletter and becomes The Chosen Ones, the information mentioned in the first section is saved to the Gumroad.

After design product purchases on Gumroad, the information mentioned in the first section is saved to Gumroad's database.

Why is it being collected, and how will it be used??

Information collected in the newsletter is needed to send you an email message with news, articles, product offers, updates, or promotions.

Information collected after the purchase of Design Product on Gumroad is used to send you information about product updates, promotions, or new design products.

Who will it be shared with?

I do not share personal information gathered through the newsletter with anyone except Gumroad. Data collected by Gumroad after design product purchase or download are available to Gumroad: first name, last name, and email information are also visible to Thalion.

I keep your data secret and do not sell them to anyone. Even if Walter Isaacson would send me a message to give him your email because he is considering writing your biography – I will not share it!


The Best UX Site in the Multiverse uses cookies for analytics purposes to adjust the site for the user's needs. If you do not agree to use cookies, please do not visit the site… I will miss you.

Third Parties uses third-party analytics platform Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. The newsletter is organized with Gumroad. Also design products are sold by Gumroad.

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Information deletion

The Chosen One can unsubscribe from Source of Truth by clicking the link "unsubscribe" in the newsletter email message. To delete your data from Gumroad, please contact their support.


Privacy Policy may change. You will be informed about the privacy policy modification by the content update on this site.

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